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TES Song lyrics . . .
In honor of the fact that Jimmy Buffet has now got the most financially successful song (Margaritaville) on the planet, I thought I'd give it some new lyrics:

Freezing away again in Snowy Ogreville
Looking for my Warhammer of Stealth
Some people claim that these Ogres are tame
but I know
They will kill if I'm caught . . .

Hypothetical question . . . .
LOTR fire ring
As a combatant in the Imperial Arena, would you willingly go up against a female Imperial Warrior Rank combatant who only fought with Hand-to-Hand combat?  Think about that . . . .

(no subject)
*ahem* I come bearing a fanfic of sorts.

It is purportedly written by a certain Shakes-His-Spear, although there are many who speculate that this is merely a pseudonym due to the fact that the author never refers to anybody as "prey".

It is extremely gay, features multiple Telvanni mage-lords, and is most decidedly not NSFW. Stylistic suck. Clicker beware.

The Lusty Telvanni Mage-Lords

Lost Morrowind Mods
Morrowind Vivec Banners
Some of you might have heard, the Fileplanet and Elricm sites have closed and have taken a number of good mods for Morrowind. One site, hosted by Great House Fliggerty, Morrowind Modding History is collecting and archiving as many mods as they can. They have made backups of both Planet Elder Scrolls (many of whose older mods were hosted by Fileplanet) and ElricM. They have had technical issues and the job is not an easy one. As it is some mods are simply lost. So they are depending on those who might have these missing mods to upload them so others can enjoy them, as there are people still discovering Morrowind and playing it for the first time and others returning to Morrowind and need to find old mods.

[Here is a partial listing of missing mods]

Black robe, tunic and armor by Cerebreci

Crystal Armor by StarWalker

Schwaa's Blue Glass Weapons Pack

Forever (NWN inspired bow) by Lego

Faylynn's Psychadelic Hlaalu

Tel Xan by Coldwynn Frost

Dark Baron's Robes

Serene Tower of Tel Branora ver 1.2(latest version)

A Whole New Shade of Glass by Luminar

RheddHeads (ALL faces Combo) by RheddHead/R 1 Oh Seven

Telvanni Texture Replacer-Shannon Style

Theurgist by NarkyBark

Dwemer Loot by Poodemon

Dragon Entrancement by Eric Dies

Partners Unlimited by Gold Dragon

Fabric Wall Screens by Craigor

Gardener's of Morrowind by Slowride and Black

The download links for these are dead and these files cannot be found anywhere else. This is only a partial listing of missing mods, there are many others.

if you have any of these, or any others that Morrowind Modding History doesn't have, please consider uploading them to MMH. If you are looking for older mods for Morrowind, MMH is the most likely to have them as they are working diligently to save Morrowind mods as much as they can.

Any help would be appreciated and many thanks.

Time for a new game...
Langley :)

Before Skyrim knocks my metaphorical footware off, I though it was about time to relive the good old days, when cliff racers could literally annoy Cyrexa to death.

sonic chao
Pure mage charactersCollapse )

The Nerevarine's Revenge (1/1, parody)

The Nerevarine's Revenge

An author receives an unexpected visitor from the Elder Scrolls universe. Tongue-in-cheek thoughts on The Infernal City.

DethKloak artifact
The real me
I recently started getting back into Morrowind (the computer version) after a friend of mine showed me how to utilize the Elder Scrolls Construction Set. After toying around with it for a while, I created an item called the DethKloak (yes, I was watching Adult Swim at the time). Basically, I got tired of the merchants always taking the good items you sell to them (for example, expensive armor) and wearing it, so that you can't get it back without killing them. The deathkloak, essentially, is a robe that has a -1500 health constant effect and is worth 150 gold. This way, it costs enough for them to buy, and when they put it on, it kills them. I also found that there is about a 50% less chance of getting into trouble by killing merchants that way.

A Small Poll:
What would you do if you had a night off and your options were down to playing xbox 360 or reading a book...